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Selling Physical Products

There are literally thousands of ways you can get 'affiliate links' for products and services that you can sell.

One way is to just goto the sites that have things where you buy and look for an 'affiliate' link at the bottom of their site, or email the webmaster to see if they can give it to you.

Many companies use a 3rd party service such as ShareASale or CommissionJunction to handle their affiliate onboarding and tracking.

If you don't have any sites to promote, these are great networks to join as they provide a massive amount of products that you can promote.

Another obvious one that comes to mind is the Amazon Associates program. Amazon sells literally everything in every corner of the world, and if you are the one who linked the buyer to the page, you can get a small commission.

Let me stress small. It's a few percent depending on what type of product it is. There are very little margins, but if you can make lots of tiny payments, it starts to add up. What you will soon find is that it's just as easy to get 1000 sales as it is to get 10 sales, you just have to know how to scale the traffic. Amazon is doing all of the heavy lifting to get the products to the customer and handle payments.

Selling Digital Products

Lots of potential here with digital products as you never have to worry about if an item is in stock or if it is able to ship to the place where your customer lives. It is available all the time and everywhere there is internet! On top of that, the world is constantly changing and new information is being discovered daily, so you should have no problem finding a problem people are having, then finding a solution to it and marketing it.

So where do you start? Here are a few places that allow you to pick a digital product, then get an affiliate link for it and promote it earning commissions when it sells.


Tip: The pros are using small $1 TRIPWIRE offers to get people to signup. To fully understand how this process works, the best thing to do is experience it for yourself. click here to signup for this $1 tripwire product and go through their funnel so you can better understand how this all works.

Joining a Network Marketing Company

Another choice that many people choose is to join a network marketing company or MLM. These types of companies are geared towards referral marketing. Typically they try to get you to call your friends and family and invite them to meetings to learn about the great products you are making commissions off of. If you know someone who has been in an MLM and has pestered you to go to their meetings you will know the feeling. But i'm here to tell you there is a better way to do this now. Using the internet you can leverage your time and you don't have to bother friends or family. Instead of your 'warm market', you simply go after a 'cold market' people you don't really know, but they seem interested in what you got. This is where advertising comes into play. By putting a banner ad up on someone elses websites you have setup a way for someone who was just clicking on some other website to now be interested in what you have and click on to your banner to go to your website. At this point it's up to you to sell them and get them to pull out their credit card (or btc wallet! ;-) ) When they make the sale, you get paid a commission and everyone goes home happy. You can do this over and over as long as you can keep matching people to products they want.

The secret to being successful in MLM is to have a GOOD TEAM behind you. It's not so much about how many friends and family you can contact and convince them to buy your junk, but MLM is more of an exercise in personal development. If you are doing it right, you have joined with someone who knows what they are doing and has experience in this field. Someone that can teach you a few things about how the game works. Someone that is going to answer your questions when you get stuck. All of these things are super important to being successful at network marketing.

Good teams also provide lots of TOOLS and SYSTEMS for their downline members. Often the team leaders will be directly compensated when sales are made by other people who they brought into the business.

So to 'juice' this process up, they create various sales materials in the form of books, videos, website, marketing funnels, banners, swipe copy emails, etc. Everything people who are just starting and getting into the business needs to go out there and start making sales on day 1.

Teams that are successful in making this process simple with a step by step guide on how to get started are typically the most successful. If people have a clear path, with goals and accomplishments, it's amazing what they can do given the proper motivation.

If you are lost and need a good network marketing team to get involved with, there is one that in my mind stands out from all of the rest. Here is their video:

Head on over to this link ( ) and put in your information. It will match you up with one of our team sponsors, who can get you started with network marketing and give you the mindset training you need to really make it successful.

OK, now that you have something you want to promote, NEXT we need to set up your ads, click here to find out the best way to get advertisements for your offer created

This website is supported by advertisements from AnonymousAds, BitMedia, and CoinURL:





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