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The Traffic Game - How To Make Money From Clicks

This whole 'game' of traffic is about sifting and sorting.

There is TONS and TONS of traffic and clicks happening at any given moment.

To take advantage of that situation and profit from those clicks, you need to sort through the clicks and figure out which ones are real people that might be interested in a product or service you can make money by referring.

It's all about the referral link here.

You don't have to talk to anyone or be a 'salesman'.

All that you need to do is put good products that you can make a commission on in front of buyers who want to buy them.

The secret is people LOVE to buy things. That feeling you get when you hit the 'purchase' button and knowing that somewhere in a warehouse your order is bring printed and put into a box.

It doesn't even have to be physical, you can get that same feeling when purchasing something digital like an audiobook, an info product, or advertising for your website.

People love to buy stuff, so it is your job to get them in front of the products they would want to buy using your special affiliate link. They may eventually buy the product anyway, so you might as well make some money off the transaction.

So what can you sell? I've laid out all of your possible options: click here to see what you can sell

Already have something to sell? Awesome, lets get you into some advertising. Here are the some of the sites you can use:

This website is supported by advertisements from AnonymousAds, BitMedia, and CoinURL:





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